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What are the transparent tape composition
Time: 2014-08-22 17:03:46

Transparent tape component is composed of base material and other auxiliary materials composition. The auxiliary material comprises a curing agent, toughening agent, diluent, filler, coupling agent. Some glue does not necessarily contain so many components, which mainly by the performance and use of glue to decide.

(1) base material: base material is plastic in the most basic components, but also one of the ingredients of the transparent adhesive tape.

(2) curing agent curing agent is the base material is hardened into solid substances, is the main component of the glue.

(3) toughening agent: can increase the toughness enhancement layer resistant agent, improve the adhesive layer anti impact, anti stripping and the bending resistance ability, reduces the reaction heat and shrinkage during curing rate, is one of the components of transparent tape.

(4) the diluent (also known as solvent): thinner to reduce the viscosity, the easy to operate, and improve the wettability and the flow of rubber.

(5) packing: adding filler rubber, mechanical properties can improve the adhesive is one of the components, the transparent adhesive tape.

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