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Rubber industry the ability of independent innovation greatly enhance
Time: 2014-08-22 17:04:31

China’s rubber industry the level of independent innovation, R & D strength increased substantially in recent years, the achievement is particularly significant in 2007. China’s rubber industry made in the series of original innovation achievements and grasp the part of the international cutting-edge technology at the same time, a new generation of safety and environmental protection, green tire radial tire and other new products launch air speed. This is the reporter from the February 24~25 held in the China rubber industry association secretary general meeting twenty-sixth times to know.

According to the CRIA President Ju Hongzhen introduced, in recent years the technology investment of large enterprises has obviously increased. Tire production enterprises in China, especially in large companies, large group to win in the fierce competition, attaches great importance to technical research and development, the R & D investment as a percentage of sales revenue is far higher than the national requirements of 2%~3%. R & D investment increase, not only speed up the new product launch speed, also make the industry product structure has been very good adjustment. Such as the radial tire technology in large and medium sized full steel engineering now have improved significantly, and become a new economic growth point of the resulting group, triangle group, Guizhou tire company, Fengshen group and other key enterprises. With the development of radial tire technology continues to mature, the rate of radial tires to rapidly improve, bias tire total yield began to appear negative growth.

Look from the product, rubber industry has obtained a series with original innovation characteristics of international technology achievements. A new generation of safety and environmental protection of green tire -- runflat tires last year has been in Southern China Tire & Rubber Co Ltd realized industrialized production, the first 28 inch tires is expected to be launched this year. These just rise international tire on a new product, our country from R & D to industrial production within 2 years.

Only 4 countries in the world of the 5 enterprises have the technology to produce aircraft radial tire, joint research in Haohua South Guilin Shuguang Rubber Industry Research Institute and the Beijing research and Design Institute of rubber industry, this year our country has achieved the "zero" breakthrough. Objective to achieve in the next 30 years abroad, Chinese only spent more than a year of time while achieving the structure of radial, aramid of skeleton. A very small number of foreign enterprises monopolize the technology and equipment of the giant engineering radial tire in China have also been successfully off the assembly line, giant engineering radial tire project also received the National Prize for progress in science and technology.

In addition, rubber enterprises focus on talent and technology introduction. New development of the tire base - Shandong province Guangrao County, a few years ago enterprises also generally produce only 3~5 specifications tyres, by actively introducing domestic and foreign personnel, recruit senior experts, and to establish a long-term relationship with Europe and the United States professional organizations, in just a few years, many enterprises have already has a high performance tire production technology mature.

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