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According to the classification of what sealant coating characteristics
Time: 2014-08-22 17:05:08

According to the classification of sealant coating characteristics are: not in the adhesive sealant, semi dry viscoelastic type sealant, dry curing type sealant and dry peelable sealant.

The non drying adhesive sealant: general with synthetic resin as the matrix, after the film not long-term curing. Keep the adhesive and invasive, the substrate material is a polyester acid vinyl ester and silicone resin. Part with polyester resin, polybutadiene and polyurethane resin as matrix.

The semi dry viscoelastic type sealant: between between and dry sealant, dissolve into soft membrane rapidly volatilizes, the viscoelastic remain before the peeling. This type of sealant generally adopt flexible and linear synthetic resin elastic body are mainly for leather, polyurethane resin, petroleum resin and poly ethylene four atmosphere resin, polyacrylate and part of liquid polysulfide rubber as matrix.

The dry curing type sealant: glue coating, solvent volatilization quickly cured. Membrane viscoelasticity and detachable poor. Leather body type of sealant mainly phenolic resin, epoxy resin and unsaturated with thermosetting resin such as. Part of the use of natural resin (such as Arabia gum) etc..

The dry peelable sealant: the liquid rubber coating, economic agents rapidly evaporated into film, drying and peeling. Type of sealant to the general synthetic rubber or fiber for resin as matrix, the main chloroprene rubber and nitrile rubber, part of the use of cellulose resin (such as ethyl cellulose) and polyamide resin (such as alcohol soluble polyamide copolymer).

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