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How to distinguish the merits of sealing tape
Time: 2014-08-22 17:05:49

Universal packing sealing tape (BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene downstream products) is any enterprise, company, individual life the essential thing, but how to choose, many consumer awareness of tape is low price, feel viscosity is better, in fact, this is wrong.

The tape is based on the BOPP original film on the after side of high-voltage corona makes after the rough surface coated with glue after the strip into small volume is the tape we use daily, strength so first tape to BOPP film quality and film thickness, using BOPP raw material granules made good brightness, strong flexibility, less black spots of impurities, the film made by tape, general enterprises are not adding toner impurity shielding, so transparent tape is finished in white color. Tape the transparency of 100 meters below the very high finished product placement after a week or so. The general film thickness at 28 microns -30 microns, but as part of doped BOPP film decreased strength of recycled material, so only the thickening the thickness of the film, the adhesive tape touch very thick, but the strength is poor, the storage period is very short, placed about half will appear obvious aging condition, the surface will be brittle, the use of easily broken.

Common sealing tape glue is acrylic glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, is the main component of tincture fat. Tincture fat is a kind of polymer material activity, temperature has a certain effect on the molecular activity. Glue tincture fat content directly affects the use of adhesive tape, many individual think tape feel sticky as glue is good, actually this is wrong. Adhesive glue quality has two standard in use, one is the initial adhesion, a holding force, the two are inversely proportional to. Generally speaking, the initial adhesion below the belt No. 10 is the glue coated with little education, usually only 20 microns, such as stationery tape, common promotion tied with tape. Sealing tape normal initial bonding strength in between 15-20, the glue tape thickness generally 22-28 microns. Is standard thickness. But now the tape on the market mostly mixed with impurities, so increasing thickness for shielding, impurity, glue also mixed with toner, so transparent tape appeared egg yellow, light green, this tape is generally inferior.

For colored tape how to distinguish between good and bad? For the tape with a color is for the convenience of mark and general purpose masking, beige and yellow earth more. Adhesive tape with the color of a lot of people think is the color of the film, in fact, the color is the color of the glue. The pinch of sticky then quickly opened, can be the side of the adhesive is pulled out, can see the purity and transparency of the original film. The most important thing is to see the glue thickness. If there is no glue is opened or punctate opened, this glue is in a large number of impurities, glue without cohesion. Two is too much water, has been volatile, at this time of the adhesive tape initial adhesion has fallen very much, feel able to distinguish. The yellow tape coating on the object, shielding and better glue more thick, the better the quality. Adhesive tape in the appearance of the comparison, glue less, color tape doped whole volumes of deep, after the tape of high transmissivity. Good color tape whole volume and after a color difference is not big, because of good sealing tape covered with extremely strong sex, not the existence of color overlay situation. Poor quality tape doped to impurities onto BOPP coated film, only the use of backward directly on the glue, so there is often a large impurity particles have not been fully dissolved appear cutting conditions, so the tape in use often have lines (a no glue place). Good adhesive tape using soft cut transfer glue way, does not exist the line condition (printed tape Loumo printing fewer with printing machine related). Another distinguishing method is watching tape surface, tape just after a product when have bubbles, place a week after the bubble will be fundamental dispersed, tape surface finish of pure tincture fat glue, no white spot. Tape doped with impurities have many irregular distribution of spots are not dispersed by hand pressure, is not the same as with the bubble.

To sum up, everyone on the tape from the appearance has been basically able to judge the quality of the adhesive tape, a tape to distinguish between good and bad most important condition is not simply feel viscosity, because the tape doped in the absence of volatile initial bonding strength is very high, so to use tape to paste the object and then quickly pulled to see retention repeated several times, and then paste the touch, feel the twist of the obvious drop. When the glue tape doped formulations generally have dissolved gasoline and acid, so the smell is very large, formal large enterprises are dissolved in toluene, in the coating process has been through the fan volatile. There is a problem, what is the difference between good and bad tape in use? Question in fact we use adhesive tape is not the purpose of sticky, firmly but to stick, never be apart. Now most of doping impurity tape in packaging operation after a period of time (20 minutes up to 1 hours) will collapse in open, but unable to paste again, especially in the low temperature environment and dry wind more obvious. Again inferior adhesive tape easily broken, very low intensity, mainly related to quality and membrane. Paper tube adhesive tape paper tube production of informal enterprises are using higher density, section and no scraps of paper, adhesive tape paper tube thickness below 100 meters is 3 mm, 100 m above is 4-5 mm, and small enterprises as the blind consumption using thick paper tube, usually reaches a thickness of 5-7 mm thickness, resulting in appearance the relatively large, but the film thickness is very obvious comparison

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