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Three methods to identify non-toxic and toxic plastic film
Time: 2014-08-22 17:07:55

How to distinguish the non-toxic and toxic plastic film? Identification method has the most commonly used visual inspection and combustion method and immersion method etc..

Visual inspection: polyethylene and polypropylene than PVC film good transparency, a waxy luster on the surface, touch is a feeling of lubrication, and polyvinyl chloride is milky white, poor transparency, feel greasy, color dark, bad sense.

Combustion identification method: polyethylene, easy ignition, flame and white, the top is yellow, bottom of the flame is blue, wax taste, smokeless, leaving the fire can continue to burn; polypropylene and polyethylene is different, only a small amount of black smoke, oil flavor. But toxic PVC difficult to ignite, the flame is also divided into two colors, the upper part is yellow, ’the lower part is green, the flame was splashing shaped, white smoke, pungent spicy taste, leaving the fire that destroyed. The PVC film toxic, also should not be burned in the kitchen, so as not to cause air pollution.

Water immersion identification method: this method is simple and practical, put plastic bags into the water, into the water pressed by hand, let go of G such as sink in water, are generally toxic, can float on the water surface, are generally non-toxic.

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